SEPLO stands for ‘Simplifying the Evidencing Process for Learning Outcomes’. It is a two year European project, funded by the Erasmus Plus, delivered in partnership with 6 European organisations.

Our aim is to demystify ECVET and create resources which allow for easy implementation into distinct national contexts, thus increasing the opportunity for European learners to go abroad and enrich their learning through mobility experiences.

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Our Resources

The SEPLO project will produce six intellectual outputs, which fall into three broad categories (see below). We intend for the resources to be tested with our partner organisations and with participants directly involved in the mobility activities of our partners. They will be disseminated for use by vocational colleges in each national context, in the first instance, and more widely across other European countries beyond that.

Mapping of Accrediting Bodies

The different national requirements will be brought together into a universal Learning Outcomes (LO) framework.

This is to provide a foundation and common language, to define
learning outcomes for a range of national accreditation systems.

Guidance on the Assessment of LOs

Guidance and clear instructions for evidencing learning will be provided, and how different stakeholders can gather supporting evidence to reinforce the overall assessment.

We will share user friendly templates that can be used in a range of settings and vocational areas, and break down the process for evidencing learning.

Support for Vocational Colleges, Mobility Participants and Host Organisations

These resources will simplify the use of ECVET for mobility experiences, enabling acknowledgement and accreditation of learning experiences outside of the classroom and the country.

We will demystify ECVET and create resources which allow for easy implementation into distinct national contexts.

Our Team

The SEPLO partnership consists of 5 expert organizations from the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Denmark and the Netherlands
REY Europe is a social entreprise, whose goal is to develop the skills and employability of young people.
ALFMED is an accredited Language training center fully involved in the ERASMUS mobility within ECVET framework
EGInA Srls is a private training agency and consultancy body, operating in the field of EU projects and grants.
Centre for Vocational Education Lolland Falster If CELF's activities must be described in one word, the word would be education.
EURICON is specialised in independent consultancy services in European project development, coordination and implementation.

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