5th partnership meeting in Perpignan, France

The 5th SEPLO transnational meeting took place in Perpignan, France, the 14th and 15th of September, hosted by the French partner ALFMED. The city is in southern France and, in particular, is last important Mediterranean French city before Spain. Moreover, it used to be the continental capital of the Kingdom of Majorca, so for these reasons it has a strong Catalan identity. Perpignan has the Mediterranean Sea at its eastern border and the chain of the Pyrenees at the southern one; therefore it is both next to the sea and the mountain and attracts many tourists.

Enjoying the typical sunshine of Perpignan, for which the city is the sunniest in France, the SEPLO team’ agenda was quite busy though. We discussed about the finalised IOs, reviewed the ones in progress and agreed about the next steps. The meeting has been also a good opportunity for the partners to taste some typical wine produced in the region and to discover Catalan recipes, and it ended with an international aperitif with some ALFMED students in the school’s garden.

Next meeting in June 2018 in London.